Our Core Values


HELP believes that to be a great leader, we must first be great followers

Serving Needs

HELP seeks to serve and not to be served


HELP seeks to work within the naturally functioning sociological sectors of society


HELP seeks to avoid depletion, and spur responsible development


HELP looks to emulate God’s original design of excellence in all things


HELP seeks to associate with like-minded stakeholders across cultures and domains

Our Vision and Mission

The vision of HELP is to reproduce disciples of Jesus Christ from sustainable partnership in 6 domains of West Africa.

The mission of HELP is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through sustainable partnerships in the domains of West Africa.

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The trip was incredibly gratifying and the people met us with so much love we couldn't keep it to ourselves! HELP definitely took care of the team well!

Ruben Martinez III

For me personally, working with HELP was a rewarding and eye-opening experience. It was amazing to see how much powerful work is being done through it's domains in West Africa.

Lexi Hanson