Our Story

In 1999, medical missionaries moved to Nigeria with their children. During their years in Nigeria, they came to know and love the people and culture of Nigeria, particularly the Fulani. God used their years of ministry in Nigeria to open doors, build relationships, and ultimately as preparation for the formation of a ministry that would partner from thousands of miles away to serve the Nigerian people.

After their return to the United States in 2005, what is now known as HELP West Africa, Inc came into existence. It was a dream for years of these doctors to care for orphans in Nigeria as well. In 2008 HELP opened their Care Center (orphanage) and the number of orphans and vulnerable children that HELP is able to care for increases every year.

In 2012 HELP held its first ever Vision Retreat where our mission, vision and values were adopted. HELP also held the first annual Collaborative Conference where goals were set in Nigeria, in partnership with many nationals, for the next five to ten years.

Our Team

Andy Wallace

Trustee/Chairman of the Board

Andy is the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the ministry. He is a retired home builder and the owner of JAW Homes, Inc. He loves serving on the HELP board because the ministry is focused on caring for widows and orphans and fulfilling the great commission by making disciples. Andy is married to his lovely wife Pam. They both love serving the Kingdom of God.

David Dees

US Board of Director

David is a retired Fort Worth Police Officer. David loves serving older people in need and works with several ministries performing home makeovers in the Mid Cities. David and his wife Jeanne love serving the Lord and attending discipleship studies.

Pamela Wallace

US Board of Director

Pam is a retired Nurse. Pam enjoys serving the people in Nigeria and especially loves spending time with AIDS patients and orphans. Pam serves as the HELP Adopt-A-Child Coordinator and travels with her husband Andy on many mission trips.

Elder Abraham O. Dada

Trustee, Board of Director

Mr. Dada (Pa Dada as we know him) assisted in the founding of HELP. His family donated the land where the HELP Care Center is located. He is an Elder at the 2nd ECWA Church in Egbe. Pa Dada loves to teach the orphan children about farming and raising bees.

Rev. Samuel Babawarun

Trustee, Board of Director

Reverend Babawarun is a retired Pastor and has served in the ECWA Church for over 30 years. He is the Chairman of the Centenary building in Egbe. He has a passion to reach those in need and to see HELP's partnerships grow.

Evelyn Yeye Dada

Board of Director

Mrs. Dada worked for the UN for many years, retiring in 2014. She has traveled abroad and worked in several countries. Her expertise is in conflict mediation. She loves working with HELP and serving the Kingdom of God.

Prof. S.A. Agaja

Board of Director

Prof. Agaja is an Orthopedic Surgeon who has authored several books and articles on medical care. He obtained his MB, BS degree from the University of Ilorin. He attended Titcombe College and is excited to be working with HELP to revitalize the Egbe community.

Elder O.D. Dada

Board of Director

Mr. Dada worked in Education for many years and served as Head Master at several schools, especially the Titcombe College in Egbe. He retired from the Kogi State Government in 2003. He believes in serving at HELP to provide support for the Egbe community.

Christina O. Sunday

Nigerian Administrator

Mrs. Sunday oversees the HELP ministry in Nigeria. She worked at the Egbe Hospital in Nursing Administration before coming to HELP. She loves to lead worship and has a heart for caring for widows and orphans.

Hon. Segun Sunday

Business Domain Coordinator

Honorable Sunday oversees all of the microfinance groups within Nigeria. He meets with them weekly, as well as offering accountability and training classes needed to effectively run a business. He is married to HELP's Administrator and serves as a leader in the Egbe Community.

Simon Abidemi

Social Domain Coordinator

Bidemi serves as the Care Center Coordinator overseeing the orphans and staff. He resides at the Care Center with his wife and children. He loves working at HELP and brings valuable insight and Godly wisdom to the ministry.

Chief Adedoyin Bolagi

Education Domain Coordinator

Chief Bolagi is Proprietor of the Heritage College, a Private Primary and Secondary school where the HELP orphan's attend. His heart is to see children in Nigeria receive a quality Education.

Ibrahim Abubakar

Civil Society Domain Coordinator

Abubakar works with both church and Fulani leaders in the community. He is multi-lingual and has studied both the Koran and the Bible. His passion is to assist the indigenous people with education, healthcare and hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Stephen Oshagbemi


Stephen is the glue that holds HELP together! He received his Accounting Degree a few years back and loves working in the ministry. His is passionate about seeing the orphans disciple and holds weekly discipleship classes for many of the orphans.

My last trip was incredible. I loved spending time with the orphans. They seemed so appreciative of my coming to Egbe. They are such a joy to be around.

Ashley Hine

What HELP is doing is truly amazing. I especially enjoyed the time in the bush with the Fulani. Getting to pray over the people, especially the orphans, while interacting with them is very powerful.

Kevin Mabry

I believe in the mission of HELP and see the fruit of discipleship through the orphan graduates that return to work for HELP.

Jim Neagle

HELP is assisting the Egbe community in the preparations for these Last Days before the return of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Dr. Robert Mawire