In order to mobilize on our mission to make disciples through sustainable partnerships in the domains of SW Nigeria, we welcome your contribution! Will you be a monthly financial supporter? To give a financial contribution, please click on the CONTRIBUTE NOW button below.

All contributions made to HELP go 100% directly to the intended domain. HELP does not have any overhead administrative fees.

Make a payment for your trip here. Please be sure to include your name or the name of the person you are contributing towards.

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By giving towards microfinance loans, you will be helping a widow or another person in need in Nigeria to start a new business, or expand their current business desires. Through HELP we provide a hope for these people to care for their families and extended relatives who are staying with them and who they are caring for.

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One of the key needs right now in HELP’s outreach department is for Megavoice players. MVP players are solar-powered mp3 players that have the Bible and other lessons translated into the languages of the people the Outreach team are focusing on. Each player costs $30, so your donation will help plant seeds and allow them to hear God’s Word in their heart language.

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Orphan Sponsorship

In Africa, Nigeria alone has over 950,000 orphans, a number growing exponentially each year. While the government does not allow Americans to literally adopt these orphans, we can practically help by providing prayer and financial support through HELP, Inc.

Each orphan has many needs that we take for granted everyday. Each child needs clothing, food, and to be provided the opportunity for an education. Due to the corruption and lack of training in the public school system, the desire of HELP is to send the children to a private school where they will be provided with a top-notch education. This will allow them a real chance to become professionals, with a hope and a future. The total cost to adopt-a-child is $1600 a year (of which $1200 is used for education).

This sponsorship can be achieved through one $1600 sponsorship, or 4 sponsors of $400 annually, per child. In addition to the monetary sponsorship, volunteers are needed to bring love to these orphans along with tutoring, computer education, and social and trade skills.

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Water wells (bore holes) are the only source of water in the bush and most smaller cities in Nigeria.

Every dollar donated specifically for water wells goes toward the drilling of a well.

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  • Water related illnesses and death, due to the lack of water and/or clean water, is a major problem in these areas.
  • Dehydration and Malaria are two of the leading causes of death among Nigerians
  • It is not uncommon for the Fulani to resort to walking 10 miles or more to find any kind of water, much less drinkable water.
  • Many times it takes an entire day for a Fulani woman to fetch a 5 gallon bucket of water from a hand dug hole in the ground
  • Depending on the location of the water well, each individual well can be utilized by an average of 6,000 Fulani people. In the bush, we are drilling our wells centralized around several Fulani encampments, thereby reaching as many Fulani people as possible.


Each individual water well costs $5,000.00. This price is a “turn key” price, meaning everything is included. Due to the successful working relationship with our contractor, he charges HELP the same fixed price of $5,000.00 whether we require a hand pump or a submersible pump.

Every dollar donated specifically for water wells goes toward the drilling of a well. Not one penny goes toward administrative costs or any other expense because our ministry budget (salaries, operating expenses, etc.) is paid by a private foundation.

For donations of $5,000 we are able to dedicate water wells to the individual(s), organization or name of your choice. A plaque is inscribed with your specified wording and placed on that water well.


In March, 2014, HELP partnered with Retired Major Henry Ajetunmobi on the refurbishing and operation of an animal husbandry farm in Egbe that had been closed up for several years. During one of the early meetings, the Major stated “many people in Nigeria are starving and everyone should have access to food”. Thus far, the farm personnel have been hired; the infrastructure updating of our farm has been totally completed; and our first round of poultry and piggery have been purchased.  The desire is to purchase more poultry, piggery, cattle and fishery, as well as production of feed from the refurbished feed mill. Your donations will assist in the sustainability for HELP and the production of food items for Egbe and surrounding communities.

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