Our Trips

Our trips are a chance to not only experience what is going on in the domains of Nigeria, but to also make an impact through our partnerships! Whether you are a businessman, a stay at home mom, or a college student – there are ways that you can make a difference!

HELP trips to Nigeria are a good opportunity for individuals, church groups and medical students to use their gifts to serve this culture. From those who have attended past trips, we hear the same testimony…they feel their lives were changed! Our teams vary in size, and tasks differ while on the trip, depending on what is needed most at the time.

If you are interested in going on one of our trips, please fill out the mission trip application below and email it to us at missions@helpwestafrica.org.

Download Application

3 Types of Trips

  • Explorer Trip: First time, short duration
  • Domain Trip: Second or more time, short/mid duration (1 week – 1 month)
  • Internship: Second or more time, mid-long duration (6 months +)

Explorer Trip Cost $3,000-3,600*

June, 2019 – Multi Domain Trip

  • Total Costs Approximately $3,600 (does not include visa)
  • Due by January 1, 2019 – Mission Trip Application, Copy of Passport
  • Due by February 1, 2019 – Down Payment of $2,000  (for airfare)
  • Due by April 1, 2019 – Final Payment

For additional information contact the office at missions@helpwestafrica.org.

*Trip Prices are subject to change due to the price of Airfare

All HELP Inc. trip monies received are non-refundable under any circumstances. Received monies may be used at a later time on another HELP mission trip less cancelation fees.

HELP Inc. will not be held liable for trip cancellations for acts due to terrorism or forces of nature and no refunds will be given.